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In winter 2023, beach volleyball is coming to all five Paradise Valley Unified School District high schools. One of the schools, Shadow Mountain, will use the new sport to try to resolve one of its ongoing issues. 


Cronkite reporter Derrian Carter details how the new sport will fit into Shadow Mountain and get students to participate. 

Shadow Mountain High School Plans to Add Beach Volleyball Derrian Carter
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Radio wrap

This story discusses the importance of athletic trainers for athletes in college. It highlights the relationship that athletes and trainers have, detail why athletes need trainers and examine the role trainers play in an athlete’s overall health.


Sport photos of athletes at Shadow Mountain High School, North High School and St. Mary's Catholic High School.


This story showcases an Arizona State University graduate student, who adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic to pursue her two passions: sports and writing. 


This story highlights the NFL survivor league that the ASU’s MSJ students are doing. It discusses how the league came about, why money was included, ethical concerns and the anxiety of potentially getting eliminated. 

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