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Lights, Camera, Action! Cardellia Hunter Speaks to CAU Students about becoming a Director.

Updated: May 25, 2020

The City of Atlanta Mayor's Office of Film and Entertainment stopped by to drop gems to aspiring entertainment journalists at Clark Atlanta University.

Cardellia Hunter posing with media professionals and mass media arts students.

Photo by Johntavis McLean.


“Captain America: Civil War,” “Ride Along 2,” “Furious 7” and “Baby Driver” all share one thing in common; they were all primarily shot in Atlanta because of one Cardellia Hunter.

Hunter, a Grambling State University graduate, is a seasoned entertainment industry veteran with 15 years of experience in music, television and film production. She was the Copyright Manager of Hitco Music Publishing (1997-2001) and the Project Manager for Enlight Entertainment (2002-2003). But, she found her niche when she started working for the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Film and Entertainment.

Hunter, the Director of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Film and Entertainment, leads the permitting process for productions of all sizes, and she promotes first-in-class engagement between film productions and the local community through Set South Atlanta.

Hunter stopped by Clark Atlanta University on Feb. 20 to speak to a press junket where she shared her experiences, motivations, what's next for her and how Atlanta is the film giant that it is today.

Atlanta’s Film Industry

“Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Film and Entertainment came into existence in 2013 under Mayor Reed. That’s because of [Georgia’s] tax incentive, [Atlanta has the] world’s busiest airport and [Atlanta] can look like so many places. Everybody wants to come here because we have some type of staple of being able to transform to any other city.”

The opening scene in "Baby Driver," where they filmed across the city of Atlanta.

Distributed by Sony Pictures. Posted by Vox.



“On March 20, 2014 (Hunter’s birthday), my first production that I got inducted into was ‘Fast & Furious 7.’ I went and did everything I was supposed to do. Started at 9 a.m. in the office, on time and didn’t leave till 9 p.m.…got to work the next day, and I got a line of people because I shut down all of downtown Atlanta and nobody was notified… they all lined up and said, ‘hey, we understand you’re new. Let’s give you the list because evidently someone didn’t give you the list.’ … This was my entry into the film industry.”


“Rejection happens in every genre: school, music, engineering… One of the ways that you can get to the door where you don’t have to worry about rejection is to be able to have that resume filled with so much that they can’t. They are always going to close the door, but when they close it, does it mean stop?”


“Jeremiah 29:11. ‘For I know the plans that you have for me.’ You can’t just read it. You got to walk it. I’ve been in this office for seven years… I’m thinking about what’s next.”

Next Stage in Life

“Being able to speak in front [of people] and be a positive vessel… My passion is right here. I know what it's like going to an HBCU… So, we have to stay in it where we are and make a difference… It would be a disservice for me to not help you.”

Cardellia Hunter smiling, while engaging


Photo by Johntavis McLean.


Derrian Carter is a junior, who was enrolled in Entertainment Journalism at Clark Atlanta University. He is a mass media arts major with a concentration in journalism. Email Derrian at:

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