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Who is Dazya Mitchell?

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Dazya Mitchell is a junior cross country runner from Galveston, Texas. She describes herself as “a very passionate and enigmatic light,” and her light shines the brightest on and off the track at CAU.

“My very first meet I placed first, and the rest is history.” Mitchell began her cross country career as a freshman in high school due to one of her peers encouraging her to join the team. She had to work and grind for an opportunity to make her high school cross country team, detailing that she continued to show up and run the miles her coach assigned. As a result of her ambition and dedication, she decided to run cross country collegiately.

In contrast to her first season with CAU, Mitchell has been “more focused, disciplined and committed” to her craft. Last season, she had to get acclimated with CAU and Atlanta culture, being that it was her first time in the new environment. However, this season, she has been locked in, dropping her time consistently during each meet this season so far. She describes her season as “exciting,” and she can not wait to see what the outcome of the conference will be in roughly three weeks.

“I’ve impacted CAU by being the constant light that shines amongst my peers and this institution,” Mitchell details. After transferring from Southern University, Mitchell sought something “new and different,” and in her search, she found CAU. She stated CAU has allowed her the opportunity to be exposed to many different cultures and diversity. She said, “This institution gives and continues to give me many opportunities that allow me to excel in my career. I’ve been surrounded by many like minded and different individuals who have elevated me intellectually, spiritually and mentally.” CAU has not only allowed her to be dominant on the track, but it has prepared her to be successful for life after athletics.

Further, she represents CAU with pride and excellence as she is the women’s Cross Country and Track & Field representative for SAAC [Student-Athlete Advisory Committees]. As for her legacy, she wants to be remembered for not only her physical abilities, but for her leadership and character as a teammate.

CAU women’s cross country team is coming off a fifth place finish, and Mitchell is coming off a ninth place finish at the Clayton State Cross Country Challenge.


This story has been originally published in Clark Atlanta University's student newspaper - the Panther. For inquiries, email James McJunkins:

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